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AI requires new forms of trust, risk and security management that conventional controls don’t provide. New AI TRiSM capabilities ensure model reliability, trustworthiness, security and privacy.

AI TRiSM drives better outcomes in terms of AI adoption, achieved business goals and user acceptance.

AI TRiSM supports AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy and privacy. It includes solutions, techniques and processes for model interpretability and explainability, AI privacy, model operations and adversarial attack resistance.

Key actions

  • Set up an organizational task force or dedicated unit to manage your AI TRISM efforts.
  • Implement collective Al privacy, security and risk management for improved Al business outcomes, rather than just for the sake of compliance.
  • Work across your organization to effectively manage best-of-breed toolsets as part of a comprehensive AI TRISM program.
  • Make your Al models explainable or interpretable by using open-source tools or vendor solutions that add value.
  • Implement solutions that protect data used by Al models, and prepare to use different data protection methods for different use cases and their components.
  • Incorporate risk management into model operations by using solutions that assure both model and data integrity, and constantly validate that they're operating reliably.