Technical Information

The device infrastructure needed:

  1. Computer / Notebook equipped with a webcam
  2. Video and audio equipment (Make sure the test video and audio equipment can run properly)
  3. Zoom application (Each participant is required to install the Zoom Client Desktop before joining the conference)

Presenters’ Preparation:

  1. Provide a presentation slide for 10 minutes presentation (.PPT)
  2. Record the presenter’s presentation video within 10 minutes maximum duration and 100MB max. (file type .mp4 or other video compressed file)
  3. Rename the presentation slides with [Paper Number - Presenter Name] format
  4. Rename the presentation video with [Paper Number - Presenter Name] format
  5. Submit the Presentation slides and videos that have been renamed on this following link for Paper Registration ( before 25th July 2022


  • Please prepare both of Presentation Video and Presentation Slides as requirement from IEEE.
  • Presenters should present their slide directly. If there is technical problem while presentation, then Presentation Video will be used.
  • The Q and A session will be conducted directly at the end of session.
  • Please download detail Presenter Guideline here.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations